Class 6 A LITTLE GIRL’S POEM NCERT solutions

Answer the following questions

1 What life is meant for the girl?

Ans. The girl wishes that life for her is shining. She should feel the stars and sun of the nature. She should hear the ringing of the bell.

2 What did the girl want for the children?

Ans. The girl wanted that every children have the opportunity to live and laugh. They should have all the rights to sit near their parents. They should eat together.

3 What did the girl not want?

Ans. The girl did not want fire screaming up to the sky and the families killed in their doorway.

Match the following to show the meanings of the highlighted word


  • (a) → (iii),
  • (b) → (iv),
  • (c) → (ii),
  • (d) → (v),
  • (e) → (i).

Look at the set of words given below. One word in each set does not belong to that particular group. Try to find out and underline that odd word. (Hints given within brackets)





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