Answer the following questions

1 What does the word ‘sword’ stand for in the poem?

Ans. The word ‘Sword’ stands for the power and strength of a nation.

2 Does the wealth of a nation make it strong?

Ans. No, the wealth of a nation does not make it strong. It is the men of the nation who are brave and ready to sacrifice their life for the cause of the country.

3 What kind of men make the nation strong?

Ans. Only the brave men who work all day long and who dare to accept any challenge and never run away from their duties. Only these type of men make the nation strong.

Find expressions/lines from the poem which mean the same 

(a) What are the things that can challenge its enemies who have crowded around?

(b) The dust of the empires which are no more now as a result of fierce battle.

(c) Their glory has faded away with the passage of time

(d) The men who sacrifice their sleep for the safety and security of their country

(e) The men who dare to challenge the enemies of their country and never run away from their duty.


  • (a) What makes it might to defy.The foes that round it throng?
  • (b) It is the sword? Ask the red dust.Of empires passed away.
  • (c) But God has struck its luster down. In ashes at his feet.
  • (d) Brave man who work while others sleep.
  • (e) Who dare while others fly….

Write at least two duties towards your

  1. (a) Home,
  2. (b) School,
  3. (c) Country.






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