Answer the following questions

1 What is the poem about?

Ans. The poem is about a teacher. The poet expresses his gratitude to the teacher for being a truly perfect person, friend and guide suitable for all seasons.

2 Name the seasons mentioned in the poem.

Ans. The seasons mentioned in the poem are Spring,Summer, Winter and Autumn.

3 What makes studying a pleasure ?

Ans. The poet compares the teacher with summer whose sunny temperament makes studying a pleasure.

4 How does the poet pay his gratitude towards the teachers?

Ans. The poet pays his gratitude towards the teacher by saying that he is a truly perfect person, friend and helpful guide for all seasons.

Write five pairs of rhyming words from the poem For example– Sprouts – Doubts


  • (a) Summer – Pleasure.
  • (b) Outside – Guide.
  • (c) Altitude – Gratitude.
  • (d) Clear – Atmosphere.
  • (e) Things – Seasons.
Read the clues below to guess the words from the poem

(a) A season having snowfall.

(b) A pronoun used for students…..

(c) An adjective used for colour.

(d) A personal pronoun used for the teacher.


  • (a) Winter,
  • (b) Them,
  • (c) Bright,
  • (d) You.

Complete the following by using the words given in the bracket

(slow, gentle, strong, sweet, white, light)

(a) …….. like a feather.

(b)…….. like a honey.

(c) …….. like a breeze.

(d) …….. like snow.

(e) …….. like an ox.

(f) …….. ike a tortoise.


  • (a) Light,
  • (b) Sweet,
  • (c) Gentle,
  • (d) White,
  • (e) Strong,
  • (f) Slow.

What do these phrases from the poem mean? Tick the correct meaning

(a) Sunny temperament cheerful nature / hot tempered

(b) A teacher for all seasons a teacher who helps at all times / a teacher

(c) New Green Sprouts new seeds / new leaves


  • (a) hot tempered,
  • (b) a teacher who helps at all times,
  • (c) new seeds.




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