Answer the following questions

1. Who has written the letter to whom?

Ans. Neera has written the letter to her penpal Shelly.

2 The ‘La Tomatina’ festival is celebrated in which country? How is it similar to Holi?

Ans. The ‘La Tomatina’ festival is celebrated in Bunol, Spain. This festival is very much similar to the ‘La Tomatina’ during which people throw tomatoes at each other for fun while the festival of Holi in which people apply colours on each other and have fun by singing, dancing and eating delicious food prepared for the occasion..

3 Name two festivals of Jharkhand celebrated especially by unmarried girls.

Ans. The two festival of Jharkhand especially celebrated0by unmarried girls are Tusu parab and Karma parab.

4 Sarhul festival is celebrated in which season ?

Ans. Sarhul festival is celebrated in summer season.

5 What are the special food items prepared during Tusu Parab?

Ans. The special food items prepared during Tusu Parab are Roti Pitha, Gud Pitha, Mudhi Lai and Tilkut.

Name any three

(a) food items related to Tusu Parab,

(b) festivals of India,

(c) special festivals of jharkhand,

(d) traditional drums played in Jharkhand,

(e) things offered during the worship of Tusumani.


  • (a) Roti pitha, Gud pitha, Mudhi lai.
  • (b) Diwali, Durga Puja, Eid.
  • (c) Tusu Parab, Makar Sankranti, Karma.
  • (d) Thumki, Payri, Jhumki
  • (e) Tusu, Gobar, Turmeric.
Write a few lines on the following festivals.

(a) Sarhul,

(b) Tusu Parab,

(c) Karma.


  • (a) Sarhul- It is a major festival celebrated by the tribes of Jharkhand. The role of sal tree in Sarhul festival is significant. This festival is marked with the worship of sal tree which has been providing | them with shelter, firewood and protection from weather.
  • (b) Tusu Parab- The festival Makar Sankranti, popularly known as Tusu Parab is celebrated on the last day of Pous month which fell on 15th January this year. It is a celebration of good harvest and all people have fun during the festival. Young girls make idols of goddess Tusumani and worship her with various offering.
  • (c) Karma- It is a festival of agriculture. Most of the tribal communities celebrate the festival in the Hindu month of Bhadrapada which falls in the months of September-October. On this auspicious day Karam Devta considered to be the God of youth and power is worshipped.
Fill in the blanks with the suitable form of the verb given within brackets

(a) The sun……… in the East. (rise)

(b) I…….. to school daily. (go)

(c) Our school …….. at 2 O’clock. (close)

(d) See! How sweetly she…….. on the stage. (sing)

(e) My mother…….. food for us. (cook)

(f) We…….. tricolour on 26th Jan. and 15th Aug. in our school. (hoist)


  • (a) rises,
  • (b) go,
  • (c) closes,
  • (d) sings,
  • (e) cooks,
  • (f) hoist.





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