class 6 Florence Nightingale”The Lady with the Lamp”

Answer the following questions 

What type of work was nursing considered before 1850 ?

Ans. Before 1850 Nursing was considered as the lowest kind of work, woman who worked in public hospitals were regarded as rough, ignorant and dirty.

2 How many months did Florence Nightingale spend in Germany as a trainee nurse? 

Ans. Florence Nightingale spent six years as a trainee nurse in Germany.

3 Which place was Florence Nightingale sent to serve the wounded soldiers?

Ans. Florence Nightingale was sent to Crimea to serve the wounded soldiers..

4 How did she get the title of ‘The Lady with the Lamp’? 

Ans. She worked up for twenty four hours a day by visiting the wounded soldiers carrying a lamp in her hand. That is why she got the little of “The Lady with the Lamp.”

Answer the following questions 

1 Why did Florence’s parents stop her from taking up nursing as a career ?

Ans. Florence’s parents stopped her from taking up nursing as a career because her parents wanted her to marry with a rich man than to take up a job like nursing which was considered a lowly menial labour by the upper social classes.

2 Give a brief account of the condition of the hospital in Crimea.

Ans. The hospital in Crimea was a crumbling old building. Many wounded soldiers were lying on the blood stained floors because there were not enough beds. There was shortage of everything including bandages, medicines, blankets even soaps and the wards were rat infested and there was dirt every where.

3 What was ‘Nightingale Jewel’ ?

Ans. ‘Nightingale Jewel’ was an award which Queen Victoria rewarded Nightingale’s work by presenting her with an engraved brooch that came to be known as the ‘Nightingale Jewel’ granting money prize of 25,000 $ from the British Government.

State whether the following sentences are True or False 

(a) Before the 1850s nursing in England was classed as the noblest kind of work.

(b) Florence Nightingale’s parents were happy to know that she wanted to become a professional

(c) In 1853 she took over the administration of women’s Hospital in London.

(d) The war between England and France started in 1854.

(e) Queen Victoria gave Florence a reward for the work she had done.


  • (a) False,
  • (b) False,
  • (c) False,
  • (d) False,
  • (e) True.

Fill in the blanks with the correct -ing’ forms of the verbs given within brackets

(a) This was the full extent of her formal…… (train)

(b) It was the first secular …….. school. (nurse)

(c) The hospital was a …….. old building. (crumble)

(d) There was a shortage of everything …….. food and bandages. (include)

(e) Florence visited the wounded soldiers,…….. a lamp in her hand. (carry)


  • (a) training,
  • (b) nursing,
  • (c) crumbling,
  • (d) including,
  • (e) carrying.

Name the following community helpers

(a) mends shoes,

(b) Plumber,

(c) sells flowers,

(d) repairs vehicles,

(e) sells medicines,

(f) cuts our hair,

(g) puts out fires.


  • (a) Cobbler,
  • (b) repairs taps,
  • (c) Florist,
  • (d) Mechanic,
  • (e) Druggist,
  • (f) Barber,
  • (g) Fire brigade.

Add ‘d/ed/ied’ to the following verbs to make past tense

(a) call…..,

(b) drop……

(c) clean……

(d) wait…..,

(e) play……

(f) practise…..,

(g) close…..,

(h) notice…..,

(i) cry……

(J) respect……


  • (a) ed,
  • (b) ed,
  • (c) ed,
  • (d) ed,
  • (e) ed,
  • (f) d,
  • (g) d,
  • (h) d,
  • (i) ied,
  • (j) ed.

Fill in the blanks with the past tense form of the verb in brackets

(a) …….. (celebrate) my birthday yesterday.

(b) When we……… the party. (reach) there, they were enjoying

(c) This morning, my mother……… (prepare) a cake.

(d) She was……… (scare) when she…….. (hear) that noise.

(e) They (come) late to school today.


  • (a) celebrated,
  • (b) reached,
  • (c) prepared,
  • (d) scared, heard,
  • (e) came.

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