Class 6 INDIAN WEAVERS NCERT solutions

Answer the following questions

1 The poem refers to three different stages of person’s life. What are they?

Ans. The three different stages of a person’s life are

  • (a) Childhood,
  • (b) Adulthood,
  • (c) Old age.

2 Describe the type of cloth woven by the weavers,as mentioned in the first stanza.

Ans. The types of cloth woven by the weavers are beautiful blue garments and fine, ceremonial clothes for newborn child.

3 The weavers have woven the marriage veils of the of the queen in which colour? The colour indicates which feeling?

Ans. The weavers have woven the marriage veil of the queen in purple and green colour. The colour indicates the feeling of harmony, energy, freshness and ambition.

4 Why are the weavers described as ‘solemn andstill’ in the third stanza ?

Ans. The weavers have become solemn and still as they are concentrating on their work. They have to finish his job within the time. But they are not happy while weaving a funeral shroud.

 Explain the following expressions

(a) A halcyon wild,

(b) Fall of night,

(c) Funeral shroud.


  • (a) A halcyon wild– A tropical bird found in Asia and Africa and the colour of the clothes woven for the new born baby are like the blue colour of the wings of the halcyon bird,
  • (b) Fall of night– Sunset and moon have in and the night has come.
  • (c) Funeral shroud-The cloth woven to cover the dead body is called funeral shroud.

Complete the following summary of the poem by filling in each blank with words from theb rackets below

(funeral, serious, weavers, peacock, night, clouds, night, morning, wedding dress, feather, cloth, fine, blue)

(a)…….. busy weaving

(b)……… They do this from

(c)…….. to

(d)……… She wonderswhy are they weaving such a

(e)…….. fabric, early in the morning. The weavers tell her that they are weaving the (f)…….. cloth for a newborn baby. At the fall of

(g)…….. they are busy weaving a

(h)…….. for the queen. The colour of that cloth is similar to the feathers of a 

(i)……… The weavers are in a

(j)…….. mood late at night as they are weaving cloth for a dead man’s

(k)…….. It is white like a

(I)…….. and the

(m)……… In short, they weave for different occasions in a person’s life.


  • (a) weavers,
  • (b) cloth,
  • (c) morning,
  • (d) night,
  • (e) fine,
  • (f) blue
  • (g) night,
  • (h) wedding dress,
  • (i) peacock,
  • (J) serious,
  • (k) funeral,
  • (L) feather,
  • (m) clouds.





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