Answer the following questions

1 What are indigenous games?

Ans. Indigenous games are native to a region. The game originate in a particular region or country and have characteristics of its culture and traditions.

2 What was chess originally called in India?

Ans. Chess was invented in India and originally was called Ashtapada later to be known as Chaturanga.

3 Name a popular contact sport of India ?

Ans.Kabbadi or Hu-tu-tu is a popular contact sports in India.

4 Name the most popular tag game in India?

Ans. Kho-Kho is one of the most popular tag games in India.

5 Which game do you like to play?

Ans.Kabbadi is the most popular and traditional games of India. So I like Kabbadi the most.

6 Describe the rules of ‘gaming top’ in brief?

Ans. Lattoo or gaming top has a very simple rules. All the players have to go for spinning the top at the same time for the toss. It is decided by the top being spun and picked up quickest with the rope as quickly as possible.

Match Column-A with Column-B

Column-A                                 Column-B

(a) Kanna Moochi.   (i) Gaming Top

(b) Pitthoo Garam.   (ii) Hopscotch

(c) Hu-tu-tu.              (iii) Marble

(d) Kith-Kith             (iv) Seven Stones

(e) Lattoo.                (v) Hide and Seek

(f) Kancha / Goli.    (vi) Kabbadi


  • (a)(v)
  • (b) → (iv)
  • (c) → (vi)
  • (d) → (ii)
  • (e) → (i)
  • (f)→ (iii)
Fill in the blanks with words from the text

(a) Indigenous games are…….. to a region.

(b) The ……… is a small oval shaped piece of wood.

(c) There are…….. players in each team of Kabbadi.

(d) The gaming top is more popular among ……..

(e) A chess board has …….. squares.


  • (a) native,
  • (b) top.
  • (c) seven,
  • (d) boys,
  • (e) 64.
Guess the following game

(a) Played with seven stone

(b) Cowrie shells are used for movement

(c) A game with seven members in each team

(d) Children hop on one leg

(e) Played with five pieces of small stones


  • (a) Pitthoo Garam,
  • (b) Ashtapada,
  • (c) Kabbadi,
  • (d) Kith-Kith,
  • (e) Gutte.
Find two different meanings of these words. One is given for you

(a) Can,

(b) Marble,

(c) Play,

(d) Watch,

(e) Top.



Fill in the blanks with appropriate subject, object or verb

(a) …….. needs money.

(b) You caught ……..

(c) I …….. cake.

(d) …….. toss the ball.

(e) We …….. television.

(f) The king ordered his…….. to bring in the beggar.

(g) They won the ……..


  • (a) He,
  • (b) me,
  • (c) eat,
  • (d) I,
  • (e) watch,
  • (f) men,
  • (g) prize





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