Class 6 EXAM STRESS NCERT solutions

Answer the following questions  1 What is the child worried about? Ans. The child is worried about the examination. 2 Who is ‘I’ in this poem? (a) An examiner, (b) Examinee, (c) A teacher, Ans. (b) examinee. 3 ‘Life without exams? that life is so rare!’ Explain the above line in your own words. Ans. … Read more

Class 6 INDIAN WEAVERS NCERT solutions

Answer the following questions 1 The poem refers to three different stages of person’s life. What are they? Ans. The three different stages of a person’s life are (a) Childhood, (b) Adulthood, (c) Old age. 2 Describe the type of cloth woven by the weavers,as mentioned in the first stanza. Ans. The types of cloth … Read more

Class 6 FOREIGN LANDS NCERT solutions

Choose the correct option  (i) What do you think is a ‘cherry’ ? (a) A herb, (b) A fruit, (c) A vegetable. (ii) What does the child mean by ‘foreign lands’ here? (a) The lands which he hasn’t seen before, (b) The lands next door to him, (c) The land just outside his (iii) The … Read more

Class 6 The Skylark NCERT solutions

Answer the following questions 1 What is a skylark? Ans.A skylark is a small singing bird found in Europe, Asia and in the mountains of North Africa. 2 What does the poet mean by the line’A skylark hang between the two’ ?  Ans. A skylark hang between the two means the skylark is between the … Read more

Class 6 The Tiny Little Thing

Answer the following with reference to the context 1 “There he was, running round and round and round the dark prison, with little horns on his head quivering.”  (a) Who is ‘he’ here? (b) What is being referred to as the ‘prison’ here? Ans. (a) The ant is he here. (b) Thimble is being referred … Read more

class 6 EXAMINATION TIME (R. K. Narayan)

Answer the following questions 1 What did Swaminathan realise about his father just two weeks before the examinations? Ans. Swaminathan realised that his father was changing for the worse. He was becoming fussy and difficult. 2 How were Sankar, Somu and Mani behaving before the examination ? Ans. Everybody seemed to be overwhelmed by the … Read more