Class 6 The Tiny Little Thing

Answer the following with reference to the context

1 “There he was, running round and round and round the dark prison, with little horns on his head quivering.” 

(a) Who is ‘he’ here?

(b) What is being referred to as the ‘prison’ here?


  • (a) The ant is he here.
  • (b) Thimble is being referred to as the prison here.

2 “Oh! Has such a little tiny thing a real home of his own ?”

(a) Who are the tiny things that they are talking about?

(b) What kind of homes do they live in?


  • (a) The little tiny thing are ants that they are talking about.
  • (b) They live in a fine palace, with passages and rooms more than you could count. They might all live together like little people in a little town.

3 “Is that the reason we say Ant Jenny

(a) Who is ‘Ant Jenny’ ?

(b) What all things does Aunt Jenny do ?


  • (a) Ant Jenny is a little nurse ant.
  • (b) Aunt Jenny clean their young ones by licking them on sunny days they carry their babies out and let them lie in the sun. On cold days they take them down stairs away from the cold wind and the rain. They love and care them as dearly as if they were theirs.
Answer the following questions

1 Why did Mary feel ashamed of herself?

Ans. Mary felt ashamed of herself as she put the ants under the thimble for fun but she forgot to release them. When she remembered about the ants and she immediately ran to home and release them.

2 What all work do the worker ants or nurse ants do?

Ans. The worker ants or nurse ants do all the works for the young ones by licking them. They carry babies out, and let them lie in the sun and take them downstairs away from the cold wind. They care for the young ones and love them as their young ones.

3 How did the four ants help their friend in need? 

Ans. The four ants helped their friends on whom a berry was dropped by a bird. They set to with a will. Two of them pushed the berry as hard as they could. While the other two pulled their friends out by the hind legs.At last he was free, they crowed round as if petting and kissing him.

4 What does Mary’s father advise her at the end of the lesson ?

Ans.Mary’s father advised her not to be unkind to the ant, who is kinder than you, through he is the only a little tiny thing.

5 Do you think Mary was a kind girl?

Ans. Mary was not a kind girl because she put the ants under the thimble and forgot the set them free. For that the ants have to face the trouble.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate exclamatory remarks from the help bracket

(Alas, Wow, Hurrah, Ouch, Bravo)

(a)……..! we won the match.

(b) ……..! you did a hero’s job.

(c) ……..! he met with an accident.

(d)……..! I got hurt.

(e) ……..! what a wonderful sight it is.


  • (a) Hurrah,
  • (b) Bravo,
  • (c) Alas,
  • (d) Ouch,
  • (e) Wow.
Guess the following insect


  • (a) Fly.
  • (b) Centipede,
  • (c) Butterfly,
  • (d) Lady birds,
  • (e) Dragonfly,
  • (f) Mosquito,
  • (g) Bee,
  • (h) Grass hopper,
  • (i) Ant.
Fill in the blanks with the correct phrasal verbs

(i) The car……… on a hilly road.

  • (a) broke down,
  • (b) broke up,
  • (c) broke through.

(ii) ……..! Things will get better.

  • (a) Cheer on,
  • (b) Cheer at,
  • (c) Cheer up.

(iii) I’m really tired because I …….. at 5 A.M. this morning.

  • (a) got around,
  • (b) got up
  • (c) got on.

(iv) Friends can help you to……. difficult times in your life.

  • (a) get around
  • (c) got through.
  • (b) get by,

(v) The poor boy …….. a river.

  • (a) fell out,
  • (b) fell into
  • (c) fell into


  •  (i) (a),
  • (ii) (c).
  • (iii) (b),
  • (iv) (c),
  • (v) (b).





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