10 possible signs you might be undervaluing yourself

Chronic Self-Doubt: You constantly question your abilities and accomplishments, regardless of evidence to the contrary

Fear of Taking Risks: You avoid opportunities that could lead to growth because of a fear of failure or rejection

People-Pleasing: You prioritize others' needs and opinions over your own, neglecting your own goals and desires

Downplaying Achievements: You brush off your successes or attribute them to luck rather than your skills and hard work

Settling for Less: You accept mediocrity in your personal and professional life, not striving for what you truly deserve

Difficulty Accepting Compliments: You deflect praise or dismiss positive feedback, unable to truly believe in your worth

Comparing Yourself to Others: You constantly compare your journey and achievements to others, leading to feelings of inadequacy

Unhealthy Work Habits: You overwork yourself or accept poor treatment at work, not valuing your time and well-being

Unwillingness to Negotiate: You readily accept offers or opportunities without advocating for yourself or your true value

Neglecting Self-Care: You prioritize others' needs and tasks over your own physical and mental health