7 key points to maximize your study time

Plan and prioritize Create a schedule: Map out your study sessions for the week, allocating appropriate time for each subject based on workload and difficulty. Be realistic and flexible

Design your study environment: Find a quiet, distraction-free space: Eliminate temptations like your phone or TV. Consider studying in a library, café, or designated study area at home

Embrace active learning Go beyond passive reading: Take notes, highlight key points, create flashcards, or draw diagrams to engage your brain and reinforce memory

Manage your time effectively Utilize the Pomodoro Technique: Work in focused 25-minute intervals with short breaks in between to maintain concentration and avoid burnout

Take care of yourself Prioritize sleep and healthy eating: Being well-rested and fueled improves focus and memory. Avoid studying while tired or hungry

Embrace collaboration Form study groups: Discuss concepts, test each other, and learn from different perspectives. Choose dedicated and focused study partners