10 Invaluable Lessons from “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins

In a world that often encourages comfort and complacency, David Goggins stands as a beacon of unwavering determination and resilience. His life story, chronicled in the book “Can’t Hurt Me,” is a testament to the incredible human potential that can be unlocked through mental toughness. In this article, we will delve into 10 profound lessons from David Goggins’ life and his book, lessons that can transform the way we approach challenges and strive for our goals.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Suffer


David Goggins emphasizes the importance of embracing suffering as a means of personal growth. He believes that by pushing ourselves through physical and mental discomfort, we become stronger and more resilient. Suffering, in his view, is not a hindrance but a stepping stone towards our true potential.

2. Be Your Own Worst Enemy


Goggins teaches us that often, our biggest obstacles are not external but internal. We must confront our self-limiting beliefs and the negative self-talk that holds us back. By mastering our own minds, we can achieve greatness.

3. Never Give Up


Goggins’ life story is a testament to the power of perseverance. He faced countless setbacks and challenges but refused to surrender to adversity. The lesson here is simple but profound: never give up, no matter how insurmountable the obstacles may seem.

4. Find Your “Why”

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To achieve extraordinary feats, we must have a compelling “why” that drives us. Goggins found his “why” by constantly asking himself what he wanted in life and why he wanted it. Finding your purpose fuels the fire within and propels you forward even when the going gets tough.

5. Be Obsessed with Your Goals

Goggins encourages us to become obsessed with our goals. Obsession breeds an unwavering commitment to achieving what we desire. When we are truly dedicated, we are willing to put in the hard work and make sacrifices necessary for success.

6. Be Accountable


Accountability is a cornerstone of Goggins’ philosophy. He believes that we must hold ourselves responsible for our actions and decisions. By taking ownership of our lives, we gain the power to shape them according to our aspirations.

7. Challenge Yourself

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Goggins advocates for stepping out of our comfort zones regularly. Growth occurs when we challenge ourselves and face situations that test our limits. Comfort, he suggests, is the enemy of progress.

8. Learn from Your Failures


Failure is not the end; it is a valuable lesson. Goggins teaches us to embrace failure as an opportunity for growth. By learning from our mistakes, we become better equipped to face future challenges.

9. Never Compare Yourself to Others


Comparing ourselves to others can be self-destructive. Goggins advises us to focus on our own progress and not measure our worth by external standards. Each person’s journey is unique, and true fulfillment comes from being authentic to oneself.

10. Be Grateful


Amidst the pursuit of relentless self-improvement, Goggins reminds us to be grateful for what we have. Gratitude, he believes, fosters a positive mindset and the ability to appreciate the present moment.


David Goggins’ life and his book, “Can’t Hurt Me,” offer a treasure trove of life lessons that can transform the way we approach our goals and challenges. From embracing suffering to being accountable and finding our “why,” his wisdom is a beacon of inspiration for those striving for personal growth and greatness.

In the words of Goggins himself, “The only way you’ll become the person you want to be is to build upon the failures of the past. Embrace them. Seek them out. Learn to love the struggle and embrace the suffering. And never, ever, ever, let it break you.” These 10 lessons remind us that we have the power to overcome any obstacle and achieve our fullest potential if we are willing to push our boundaries and master our minds.

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