Arnold Schwarzenegger, a renowned bodybuilder, actor, and politician, shares his insights on success in a powerful speech. He emphasizes the importance of having a vision and the determination to pursue it. Let’s delve into the key rules he outlines for achieving success.

Rule #1 — Have a Vision

Schwarzenegger begins by highlighting the significance of having a clear vision. He recounts his journey, born in post-World War II Austria, where he felt a burning desire to escape and pursue something greater. His vision led him to America after being inspired by a documentary showcasing its towering skyscrapers and vast opportunities. This vision became the blueprint for his life, shaping his aspirations to become a bodybuilding champion and a successful actor.

The Power of Goals

The speech emphasizes the power of having specific goals. Schwarzenegger reflects on his early years, expressing relief in knowing his purpose — becoming a bodybuilding champion like his idol, Reg Park. Every workout, every repetition, and every set was a step closer to turning his vision into reality. The clarity of purpose, he argues, makes the journey enjoyable and fulfilling.

Rule #2 — Don’t Listen to the Naysayers

Schwarzenegger dismisses the notion of impossibility and the negative influence of naysayers. He shares that throughout his career, people constantly told him his goals were unattainable, but he chose to view their skepticism as motivation. Refusing to listen to the doubters, he focused on hard work and determination, proving that the impossible could indeed be achieved.

Overcoming Obstacles

The speech recounts instances where Schwarzenegger’s physical attributes, such as his body and accent, were criticized. However, these very aspects became assets in his acting career. His message is clear: obstacles can turn into advantages if one stays focused on their goals and ignores negativity.

Rule #3 — Work Hard

Success, according to Schwarzenegger, is inseparable from hard work. He draws parallels between his intense bodybuilding routine and the effort he invested in his acting career. The lesson is universal: success requires dedication, continuous effort, and an unwavering commitment to one’s goals.

Applying the Rules to Different Fields

The speech extends the rules of success to various domains, including bodybuilding, acting, and politics. Schwarzenegger shares how having a vision and ignoring naysayers propelled him to become the youngest Mr. Universe, a successful actor, and eventually the Governor of California.


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rules of success serve as a motivational guide for anyone aspiring to achieve greatness. From having a clear vision to working relentlessly and disregarding negativity, his journey exemplifies the transformative power of determination and purpose.

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