● Answer the following questions

1 What did Sardar Patel do with his father in the field ?

Ans. Sardar Patel helped his father in the field, ploughing and sowing seeds.

2 What did Patel do when the man was reluctant to use the hot iron on his boil?

Ans. When the man was reluctant to use the hot iron on his boil Patel asked him to do as fast as the rod would become cold if delayed. Patel did not wait for him to do that lashing and did it by himself.

3 Mention one incident which shows that he was a hard worker.

Ans. He was such a hard worker that he borrowed books from lawyer and within a time limit of two years he completed his studies.

4 Which incident from Sardar Patel’s life tells you that he was mentally very strong?

Ans. Sardar Patel was mentally very strong. When he was studying in England and finished his studies in just a few years. Every one was amazed to see a guy topping every examination who didn’t have any formal education.

5 Which incident of Patel’s life did you like the most? Give reason.

Ans. Sardar patel was a humble child but his character and will was so strong that he was known as the “Iron Man of India.” The incident of being the Iron Man of India I like the most.

● Rearrange the following words and phrases to make meaningful sentences about Sardar Patel

(a) Sardar Patel/a/man/was/of/strong / will words.

(b) Everyone/his/village / stunned/in/by/was/ toughness/his.

(c) He/fast/used to / twice/month/a/keep/a

(d) He/mental/when/strength / was / England /gained/studying/in/he.


  • (a) Sardar Patel was a man of words and strong will.
  • (b) Every one in his village was stunned by his toughness.
  • (c) He used to keep a fast twice a month.
  • (d) He gained mental strength when he was studying in England.
● Given below are the names of some Indian personalities and their nicknames. Match the column A with the column B



  • (a) → (vi),
  • (b) → (iv).
  • (c) → (1),
  • (d) → (viii),
  • (e) → (vii),
  • (f) → (ii),
  • (g) → (iii)
  • (h) → (v)
● Complete the following sentences choosing appropriate determiners (given within brackets)

(a) How…….. time do you spend with your parents daily? (much/many)

(b) There aren’t many) ……… trees in our garden. (much/many)

(c) How …….. pages did you read? (many / much)

(d) It is said that…….. knowledge is a dangerous thing. (little/a little)

(e) is my book. (These / This)

(f) I am having. ……… trouble in passing my driving examination. (lot of / a lot of)

(g) He enrolled himself at …….. Middle Temple Inn.(the /a)

(h) ……… people can afford a home these days. (Little/Few)

(i) You have very patience. (little/few)

(j) I didn’t use ……… many) fertilizer last spring. (much /much)

(k) Preeti stood…….. in her class. (one / first)

(L) Rita can help you as (her/their) mother is a doctor.

(m). bag is this? (Whose / What)

(n)…….. flowers are beautiful. (That/Those)

(0) We had to wait for …….. hour for Angad. (a/an)


  • (a) much,
  • (b) many,
  • (c) many,
  • (d) little,
  • (e) This,
  • (f) a lot of,
  • (g) the,
  • (h) Few,
  • (i) little,
  • (j) much,
  • (k) first,
  • (L) her,
  • (m) Whose,
  • (n) Those,
  • (0) an.






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