● Answer the following questions

1 Why was the deodar chosen to build the palace?

Ans. The deodar was chosen to build the palace for being the tallest and strongest tree.

2 Why couldn’t the King’s men bring the deodar tree from the forests ?

Ans. The king’s men couldn’t bring the deodar tree from the forest as they could never carry or drag them over so much difficult country as lay between the forest and the city.

3 How did the people worship the deodar tree ?

Ans. The people worshipped the deodar tree by lighting their lamps and placing them in a circle around the tree. They hung their garlands upon the branches and tied nosegays among the leaves.

4 How did the Prime Minister and his men pay their respect to the Tree-Goddess?

Ans. The Prime Minister and his men came with garlands, lamps and music to pay their respect to the tree Goddess and to warn her that she must leave her abode.

5 How did the Goddess indicate that she had understood what was to happen?

Ans. The tree Goddess indicated that she had understood what was to happen. She remained quiet as a resting breeze for a few moments and all the leaves began to whisper and top most branches bowed.

6 Why did the Tree-Goddess wish to be felled in three parts?

Ans. The tree Goddess wished to be felled in three parts because dozen of deodar tree have sprung from me. If you fall me with one mighty stroke, my weight will certainly crush all my children to death.

● State whether the following statements are ‘true’ or ‘false’

(a) A demon lived in the deodar tree.

(b) The King wanted his palace to be as magnificent as a temple.

(c) The Prime Minister protested when the King wanted to cut the deodar tree.

(d) The Tree-Goddess spoke in a voice that was like the song of a bird.

(e) Taking the example of the King no one built their houses of wood any more.


  • (a) False
  • (b) True
  • (c) False
  • (d) False
  • (e) True
● Complete the words from the text that have the following meanings

(a) Hills lying at the base of a mountain range F __ __ H __ __

(b) Upright pillar built for supporting a building C __ __ __ __N

(c) All the leaves of a tree together F __ __ __ G __

(d) Twelve in number D_ Z__. __

(e) Something seen during deep sleep V __ __ N


  • (c) FOLIAGE
  • (e) VISION
  • (b) COLUMN
  • (d) DOZON
On the basis of your understanding fill in the correct degree of comparison of the adjectives given within brackets

(a) The deodar is the……….. and the …………. tree in the Himalayas. (tall, strong)

(b) Pine trees are than mango trees. (tall)

(c) The King sent his men to bring the ……….. (large) deodar they could find.

(d) Cut down your (lovely) trees.

(e) The paths were (narrow) than they had thought.


  • (a) tallest, strongest
  • (b) taller
  • (c) largest
  • (d) lovely
  • (e) narrower






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