class 6 EXAMINATION TIME (R. K. Narayan)

Answer the following questions

1 What did Swaminathan realise about his father just two weeks before the examinations?

Ans. Swaminathan realised that his father was changing for the worse. He was becoming fussy and difficult.

2 How were Sankar, Somu and Mani behaving before the examination ?

Ans. Everybody seemed to be overwhelmed by the thought of the examination. It was weeks since anybody had seen a smile on Sankar’s face. Some had become brisk and business like. Mani was beginning to look worried.

3 What advice did the clerk give Mani?

Ans. Mani was advised by the clerk that he must pay particular attention to Geography. He would have to practise map-drawing and in arithmetic make it a point to solve at least five problems everyday.

4 Why did Mani say that four annas he had invested on brinjal was not after all a waste?

Ans. Many said that the four annas he had invested on brinjals was not after all a waste as because he had received all the clues or advices regarding examination through the clerk. The suggestion made by the clerk was ample to Mani.

5 ‘He secretly pitied his classmates.’ Who pities the classmates and why?

Ans.Mani pities his classmates as because they had to do coolie work without valuable hints to lighten their labour.

Fill in the blanks with words from the text

(a) There was a general belief in the school that the clerk was………

(b) At school, everyday seemed to be overwhelmed by the thought of the. ………

(c) The clerk denied having any knowledge of the ………

(d) Mani spent four ……… on the brinjals.

(e) The clerk advised Mani to practise ……… Geography.


  • (a) omniscient,
  • (b) examination,
  • (c) question papers,
  • (d) annas,
  • (d) map-drawing.
Fill in the blanks with ‘may’, ‘might’, ‘can’, ‘should’ or ‘must’

(a) …. you have a long and a happy life! (Wishes)

(b) She not put on shabby dresses. (a suggestion)

(c) We…….. not pollute our environment. (emphatic advice)

(d) It is raining heavily. He …….come. (doubtful possibility)

(e) India …….. beat any team in cricket. (ability)


  • (a) May.
  • (b) Should,
  • (c) must,
  • (d) might,
  • (e) can.
Match them with their meanings (Use a dictionary for meanings)

  1. (a) → (v),
  2. (d) → (ii),
  3. (b) → (iv),
  4. (c)→.(i).
  5. (e) →(iii).

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