Class 6 The Skylark NCERT solutions

Answer the following questions

1 What is a skylark?

Ans.A skylark is a small singing bird found in Europe, Asia and in the mountains of North Africa.

2 What does the poet mean by the line’A skylark hang between the two’ ? 

Ans. A skylark hang between the two means the skylark is between the earth and sky.

3 What is being described as ‘a stage’ in the poem ?

Ans. ‘A stage’ in the poem is being described as ‘Sky’.

4 What can the poet see on either side of her ?

Ans. The poetess can see the cornfield stretched a tender green on either side of her.

Choose the correct option

(i) The line ‘A singing speck above the corn’ means

  • (a) like a dot in the sky,
  • (b) like a dot on the corn stalk.

(ii) The line ‘while swift the sunny moments slid’ indicates

  • (a) the skylark is moving away,
  • (b) the sun is setting.

(iii) The words ‘tender green’ suggest which season?

  • (a) winter,
  • (b) spring.


  • (i)   (b),
  • (ii)  (b)
  • (iii) (a),
Choose the correct words to complete thesummary of the poem

(a)…….. (content / sad/ lonely) she feels as she walks through a cornfield. As she walk along. She sees a skylark

(b)…….. (flying away from the cornfield / flying in the sky / falling towards her). It doesn’t sing as it flies

(c)…….. (lower/ higher). Below it, butterflies

(d)…….. (sit quietly/move slowly/move quickly) in the cornfield. The poet knows. that the skylark’s nest is

(e)…….. (visible in /hidden in/far away from) the cornfield. She

(f)…….. (notices /imagines/knows) that its companion is also listening somewhere in the cornfield.


  • (a) content,
  • (b) flying in the sky,
  • (c) lower,
  • (d) move quickly
  • (e) hidden in,
  • (f) imagines.
Match the words that go together in the poem


  • (a) → (iv),
  • (b) → (v),
  • (c) → (i),
  • (d) → (ii),
  • (e) → (iii).







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