Class 6 FOREIGN LANDS NCERT solutions

Choose the correct option 

(i) What do you think is a ‘cherry’ ?

  • (a) A herb,
  • (b) A fruit,
  • (c) A vegetable.

(ii) What does the child mean by ‘foreign lands’ here?

  • (a) The lands which he hasn’t seen before,
  • (b) The lands next door to him,
  • (c) The land just outside his

(iii) The poem reflects that the child is

  • (a) excited,
  • (b) exploring,
  • (c) eager.

(iv) What does ‘sky’s blue looking glass’ stands for? 

  • (a) The sky is blue and absolutely clear,
  • (b) The sky is having blue clouds,
  • (c) The sky is having stars.

(v) Why ‘the children dine at five’ ?

  • (a) They want to sleep early,
  • (b) They want to play more and more,
  • (c) They want to study.

Ans. (i) (b), (ii) (a), (iii) (a), (iv) (a), (v) (b).

Find words in the poem that mean the same as

(a) fine, charming ……….

(b) walking wearily over a long distance ……….

(c) the comparative degree of high……….

(d) decorated ……….

(e) toys. ……….

(f) the main stem of a tree ……….


  • (a) pleasant,
  • (b) trampling
  • (c) higher
  • (d) adorn
  • (e) playthings
  • (f) trunk.

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