Class 6 EXAM STRESS NCERT solutions

Answer the following questions 

1 What is the child worried about?

Ans. The child is worried about the examination.

2 Who is ‘I’ in this poem?

  • (a) An examiner,
  • (b) Examinee,
  • (c) A teacher,

Ans. (b) examinee.

3 ‘Life without exams? that life is so rare!’ Explain the above line in your own words.

Ans. The life without examination is impossible and is rare.

4 What does the child (the examinee) hope. If he fails? 

Ans. The child (the examinee) hopes that his parents would spare him in case he fails.

5 What seems to happen to the child’s skin and hair during exams? 

Ans. During examination period the skin of the child is peeled and the hair fall out.

Write ‘True’ for statements that are true and ‘False’ for those that are false

(a) Books are piled on the desk.

(b) The child feels overfed due to stress.

(c) The child looks pleasant before examination.

(d) The child feels pain in his neck.

(e) The teacher will peel child’s skin.


  • (a) True,
  • (b) True,
  • (c) False,
  • (d) True,
  • (e) False.

An anagram changes the order of the letters of a word or phrase to make another word.For example- Each-ache; Bake- beak. Find out the anagrams with the help of the hint

(a) Save (a decorative vessel)

(b) Spare- (a hunting tool)

(c) Lump- (a fruit)

(d) Thin- (a clue)

(e) Bare- (an animal)

(f) Step- (the animals we keep in our home)

(g) Note- (sound)

(h) Cafe (a part of body)


  • (a) Vase,
  • (b) Spear,
  • (c) Plum,
  • (d) Hint,
  • (e) Bear
  • (f) Pets,
  • (g) Tone,
  • (h) Face.
Find some smaller words in the following Example– Towering – Tow/owe/tower/ring





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